The Numerical Universe.

We Don't Have to Believe. 

We Can Know.


Anthony Morris Presents A Groundbreaking Cosmology

If you're curious as to how the Universe works, then this book is for you.

There's no need for a Ph.D. in Mathematics or Physics in order to understand this most elegant of theories. The book connects science, astronomy, architecture, and religion in a way to prove there exists a numerical, geometric, and musical structure to the Universe.


"The grand book of the universe... was written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which it is impossible to understand a single word of it."

- Galileo Galilei, 1623


About This Book

There is only order in the universe and we are not all here by virtue of luck. 

The Numerical Universe sets out to show that there exists a primordial numerical, geometric, and musical structure to the Universe. The universe is shown to be perfectly balanced, always in equilibrium, numerical order, inherent to the decimal system numbers 0 to 9. A complete understanding of this system of Number is the gateway to both a perfect understanding of everything in the universe and personal enlightenment. We do not have to believe in an intelligent design for creation, we can know, absolutely.

The book starts with a look at the numerical structure and how the decimal system of numbers work in specific pairs and groups, making use of modular arithmetic - you won't need any formal mathematical training to follow the arguments and analysis. Then we move on to analyze the group of 20 amino acids which are common to all life and which reveals the canonical, numerical, geometric and ultimately musical biological template that pervades the created Universe. In the final section we demonstrate how the Integer Partition Table of Numbers might be the numerical algorithm used to create and structure the whole of the universe. Numbers are seen to organize themselves in such a way that they unfold as an elegant geometric integration to produce a holographic universe.

The 3 Main Parts of the Book

Part 1: The Numerical Structure

Part 2: DNA & Amino Acids

Part 3: Integer Partition Theory


Reviews of The Numerical Universe

A well designed publication, that draws a keen eye to eclectic patterns that branch out into an elegant golden web; encapsulating euclidean geometry, trans-euclidean geometry, platonic and archimedean solids, DNA/RNA codons, physics, time, religion, sciences, cymatics/sound, integer partitions, electricity and space into its web.

I am completely thrilled and overwhelmed by this book!! Having skimmed it at first, pleasantly surprised by the vivid diagrams and brilliant explanations, I felt I was embarking on a journey of Clarity. I have just begun to really read it, tickled by the Joy of what will be revealed each turn of the page, and at how clearly and thoroughly these ideas and perspectives have been presented for consideration.

This book is superbly magnificent in both depth and breadth. The author, Anthony Morris, applications of integer partition theory using a 0 through 9 vortex based modular math system is a profound, compelling, and a spectacular piece of scientific and mathematical work. 

If you know an atheist that you would love to convert -- give him this great book! All kidding aside, Anthony's book is THE most comprehensive display of the "Creation Numbers" and related geometry that I have seen. A study of the material puts the denial of "Intelligent Design" on shaky ground. The extent to which the ancient "religious" numbers 3168 and 31680 are covered is stunning.


"I have been researching universal mathematics, and maturing the proof for the theories that support the use and implementation of the proprietary mechanism, so that we may gain a complete understanding of this universe."

- Anthony Morris, 2012


About The Author

A lifelong pursuit of understanding patterns. 

Anthony Morris was not formally trained as a scientist or mathematician, but his area of expertise lies financial markets which he has studied for over 20 years. He was surprised to uncover regular numeric patterns in every market he examined and came to understand that these are not just financial patterns but underlying patterns in people, societies, the world, and indeed the universe. 

Since this discovery, Anthony has undertaken in depth studies of biology, chemistry, physics, and even number theory, using and developing his numeric methods. Anthony has established collaborations with several leading thinkers and scientists, and is seeking to extend this network with like minded people in other areas such as particle physics and genetics. 

Anthony comes from the United Kingdom, where he has fathered 3 beautiful children. He loves sports, particularly tennis and cricket.

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Uncover the New Understandings of Your World Today

Discover the profound revelations of numerical, geometric, and musical harmony within the Universe

If you're intrigued by the quest to understand yourself and the world around you, look no further. The Numerical Universe offers a transformative journey that doesn't require an advanced degree. This enlightening exploration will forever reshape your perception of the world, leaving you with a fresh perspective on the interconnectedness and beauty that permeate our Universe. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your understanding and gain a new lens through which to view our extraordinary existence.